Employment Screening Services, Inc.
Negligent Hiring

Courts are now accepting the premise that some facts in an employee's background should disqualify them for a given position.

If the employee causes a foreseeable injury to a third party and the court determines the employer failed to detect or heed the warning signs, the company may be held liable for damages.

Since the risk cannot be easily quantified, employers are well advised to seek outside services to thoroughly investigate the backgrounds of prospective employees.

Why Screen?

Just ask the school district that hired a janitor with a history of convictions for sex-related crimes. The janitor was later accused of molesting a 10-year old boy.

Or ask the credit union that lost more than $150,000 to the fraudulent schemes of an employee who had been previously convicted of insurance fraud.

Or ask the Fortune 500 company that had to fire an executive who had lied about his education and misrepresented his prior employment.

As regrettable as these incidents are, the saddest part is that they could have been prevented. Accurate background checks of these individuals would have revealed their previous convictions and fabricated credentials and work experience.

Knowing an employee's background can be the best indicator of their future performance. While it is true that people can change -- and often they do -- it is still your responsibility to gather all the facts before making a hiring decision.

Our thorough and accurate pre-employment reports can help you avoid those costly hiring mistakes.