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  • Our turn around time is among the best in the industry
  • Our customer service is "head and shoulders" above our competitors
  • Our Internet System, Applicant Tracking System and I-9 Program are fabulous
  • No minimum usage ... no annual fee ... no contract
Report Packages

Most Frequently Ordered Reports
Criminal History Notification
OFAC Global Terrorist Search
Auxiliary National Criminal Index
Expanded Criminal Search

Other Available Reports and Services

Specialized Industry Reports

You may select reports individually or as part of a discounted package.  Or you may customize your own combination of reports.  We'll work with you to set up the most cost-effective program for your specific needs.

All our reports begin with a Report Summary.  The summary lists each report component with the corresponding turn-around time, status and alert notification.  It’s a great way to see – at a glance – which items on the report need particular attention and whether there are any areas of concern regarding your applicant.

Furthermore, each individual report component has a “discrepancies” field where we keep track of differences between what the applicant claims on his/her resume or employment application and what we uncover in our investigation.  All discrepancies are bolded so they stand out on the page.

Each report component also has a comments field where we add supplemental information, share observations or make recommendations.

For a detailed description of reports click on the links to the left.

Additional reports available upon request
Security Package

This package is designed for screening positions where you don’t need us to perform employment or education verification for you. It is a basic level background check.

  • Criminal History Search
  • Auxiliary National Criminal Index Search
  • OFAC Global Terrorist Search
  • Social Security Number Trace
Universal Package

This package is designed for screening entry level, clerical, general labor or mid-level positions.

  • Criminal History Search
  • Auxiliary National Criminal Index Search
  • OFAC Global Terrorist Search
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Seven Year Employment Verification
Professional Package

This package is designed for screening technical, professional, manager or sales positions.

  • Criminal History Search
  • Auxiliary National Criminal Index Search
  • OFAC Global Terrorist Search
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Seven Year Employment Verification
  • Supervisor Interviews
  • Three Professional Reference Interviews
  • Education Verification
Custom Packages

ESS will design custom report packages to fit your needs. Please contact your ESS Representative for details.

Criminal History Search

Our unique Five Step Criminal History Search is the most complete search in the industry. It provides (a) Even better quality control for your hiring process; (b) Greater employer liability protection as a result of increased due diligence.

  • Appropriate Search Locations. We research the applicant’s residence history and choose the most suitable locations to search for criminal records. We’re not a “data factory.” Considerable thought goes into every search.
  • On-site Courthouse Visits. We send expert records retrieval specialists on-site to the various courthouses in the given jurisdiction to gather all felony and misdemeanor conviction records. They’re going straight to the source so they are getting the most up-to-date information. Or we obtain criminal information from the state repository if a statewide search is available.
  • Criminal History Notification. See detailed description.
  • Global Terrorist Search - OFAC. See detailed description.
  • Auxiliary National Criminal Index Search. See detailed description.
Criminal History Notification

Our Criminal History Notification is a review of your employment application to see how your applicant responded to any questions regarding criminal convictions. We note any discrepancies between what they tell you and what the actual records show.  So you don’t have to go back and forth between the application and the report . . . we do that for you.

OFAC - Global Terrorist Search

We automatically perform an OFAC Global Terrorist Search.  We search the federal government's terrorist databases as well as various narcotics traffickers and "blocked persons” databases to see if your applicant’s name matches or approximates any on the lists.

Auxiliary National Criminal Index Search

We automatically conduct our Auxiliary National Criminal Index Search.  Our index is a collection of databases from all across the country containing over 500 million criminal records for felonies, misdemeanors and sex offenders.  It’s a great supplement to the onsite searches because it expands the scope of the criminal search exponentially.

If a "hit" is found in the national search we automatically search the appropriate county courts or state repository to obtain the details.  We want to make sure it is an accurate match and that the information is legally reportable.

Many screening companies simply report the data without verifying it.  This can lead to serious issues . . . such as a lawsuit from an applicant who was denied employment because of faulty records.

Expanded Criminal Search

We offer an “expanded” criminal search where we conduct a Criminal History Search and a Federal Criminal Records Search everywhere the applicant has lived and worked for the past seven years. (Federal searches look for records in a federal jurisdiction as opposed to the county jurisdiction.)

Credit Report

Used properly, Credit Reports can help form a picture of an applicant’s sense of responsibility and reliability. They are useful for screening positions that involve managing a budget, handling cash or valuables, or using a company credit card.

Our Credit Report includes a separate Credit Summary that provides a handy "snapshot" of the applicant’s finances. We highlight collections, public records, account balance breakdown, and payment history.

On the actual Credit Report we annotate all the items using our proprietary translation of credit company codes. It makes understanding the Credit Report details so much easier.

You’ll never find another Credit Report as thorough and useful as ours!

Education Verification

Sixty percent of college registrars regularly experience attempts to document false credentials. ESS quickly and accurately verifies education information so you know if your applicant is being truthful and actually has the requisite credentials for the job.

Our report includes the degree or credential received, dates the applicant attended school, major or area of study, GPA if available, person and department contacted (along with the phone number), and any discrepancies.

Employment Verification

We provide the most thorough Employment Verification anywhere. We have two versions.

  • Our "Basic Verification" includes SSN confirmation, dates of employment, title / duties / responsibilities, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, any comments offered, and any discrepancies. DOT verification is available at no additional charge.
  • Our "Comprehensive Verification" is a real powerhouse investigation. In addition to everything in the "Basic" version, we interview former supervisors and professional references. This gives you information beyond the facts of employment. It provides insight into performance, attitude, interpersonal skills . . . important feedback for determining how to best manage the individual and whether s/he fits your corporate culture.
  • We make at least three separate attempts (phone, fax or email) to obtain verifications.

We’ll even customize the questions if you like . . . at no additional charge.

Motor Vehicle Report

Our MVR is neatly re-formatted to make reviewing driving history a snap. We don’t just supply the raw data from the DMV like many companies do. We organize it for you. The raw data varies from state to state and often includes internal administrative abbreviations and vehicle codes. We convert all the codes for you so you can easily understand the report.

Social Security Number Trace

When people attempt to distance themselves from an unpleasant past, typically they change their name and/or social security number. The fraud usually involves either fabricating a SSN or using a number belonging to a child or to someone who is deceased.

Our SSN Trace guards against SSN fraud. The report includes the validity of the number, where and when it was issued, any other names associated with the number, addresses where the applicant has lived, and any discrepancies.

The SSN Trace is very helpful for conducting a more through criminal search.

Business Credit Reports

Screening job applicants is a necessity for all employers but a company may also need to occasionally screen another business.

ESS offers the Business Credit Report, consisting of a Business Profile and a Small Business Advisory Report. The Business Profile includes corporate information, public records, and the company’s credit history. For small businesses, the Small Business Advisory Report will add the same details about the company’s owners or principals.

Civil Litigation Report

The Civil Litigation Report reveals an applicant’s history of involvement in civil lawsuits – either as a plaintiff or a defendant. This limits an employer’s vulnerability to those who would set them up for frivolous lawsuits.

Drug Testing

We offer both pre-employoment drug testing and random drug testing of existing employees. We have access to literally thousands of certified collection sites across the country.

We pick a clinic closest to where your applicant lives or works, oversee the collection of samples and lab tests, handle the medical review, and report results. Usually within 24 hours of collection.

If your company doesn't have a corporate drug policy in place, we can design one for you ... free of charge

Federal Records

Although most legal disputes and criminal cases are settled in county courts, any case that has alleged violations of federal statutory or constitutional rights is heard in a federal forum. Historically, federal crimes have included kidnapping, interstate drug trafficking, civil rights violations, or anything involving more than one state.

Over the past few years, however, congress has been federalizing more crimes. This is especially true in cases relating to money or financial transactions. Theft, bankcard fraud, embezzlement, forgery, and mail-fraud are now often handled at the federal level. Identity theft is also frequently prosecuted in a federal court.

A Federal Records Search is recommended for any position involved in finances.

Government/Professional Association Sanctions Check

We offer a wide variety of sanction checks to see if your applicant is in good standing with a given governmental entity, professional association or health care organization. Possible types of sanctions include exclusions, termination of license, probation, and debarment's.

International Searches

We can conduct international searches, most notably employment verification, education verification and criminal searches.  While there may be some limitations because the laws and resources differ from country to country, valuable information is available.

Media Search

The applicant's name(s) and those linked with his/her place of business are searched through over 2000 national and international news sources; multiple media Internet search engines; and through specifically targeted archived sources. Results include the media source and a summary of documents found as well as the documents themselves.

Professional License Verifications

An applicant’s professional standing cannot be taken for granted.  A lack of qualifications means the applicant may not be competent in the requisite job responsibilities.  Our report provides the type and validity of the applicant’s license, status, when it was issued, when it expires, and any sanctions or disciplinary action taken.

Skills/Behavior Assessments

We offer a variety of cost-effective skills, behavior and integrity assessment services. The assessments provide insight about the applicant’s suitability for the job position s/he is seeking and whether there is a personality match with your corporate culture.

Workers Compensation History

Some people apply for jobs requiring physical exertion when they know they are susceptible to injury. Employers have a duty to protect their employees from harming themselves or others.  They also have a right to protect themselves against avoidable claims.  Our Workers Compensation History Report provides liability protection for an employer.

Please note: some states bar access to workers compensation records.


In addition to our standard background checks we can conduct specific health care related searches for you. You may already have access to some of these sources but you might want to consider offloading the searches to us so they are included in the complete background report. This saves you time and puts all your applicant’s background material in one document.

  • FDA Debarment, Disqualified and Restricted List
  • OIG/GSA Sanctions List
  • American Board of Medical Specialties Certification Check
  • AMA (American Medical Association Listing)
  • FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) Physicians Profile
  • DEA Registration Check
  • State Board License Verification Search
  • National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)

We also offer verifications of all Internship, Residencies, Fellowships, and Hospital Privileges.


In addition to our standard background checks we can conduct specific financial and banking related searches for you. You may already have access to some of these sources but you might want to consider offloading the searches to us so they are included in the complete background report. This saves you time and puts all your applicant’s background material in one document.

  • Federal Banking Regulators' Database Checks
  • National Credit Union Administrative (NCUA) Order Check
  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB) Enforcement Order Check
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Enforcement Order Check
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Enforcement Order Check
  • Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Enforcement Order Check
  • Patriot Act Database Check
  • Federal Procurement Excluded Parties List (ELPS)
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Broker
  • NFA (National Futures Association) Broker Check

We gladly accommodate our clients who must comply with the DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. We will obtain the answers to the Safety Performance and Drug and Alcohol inquiries that are required of all previous employers in the last three years where the individual held a position requiring a commercial license.